Customer/Forwarder Reference Data

To access the Reference Data Program press F4 from the ACCOUNTING INFO field on the AWB screen (%AWAWED1).

You can enter a variety of reference data on this screen. The most common will be Customer Reference numbers.

The following is a list of codes that can be used to identify the type of reference number you are entering.

AP     Accounts Receivable                                              
BM     Bill of Lading                                                   
BN     Booking Number                                                   
CB     Combined Shipment                                                
CG     Consignee's Order Number                                         
CK     Check Number                                                     
CR     Customer Reference Number                                        
EQ     Equipment Number                                                 
EU     End User's Purchase Order Number                                 
FN     Fowarder's Reference Number                                      
ID     Insurance Certificate Number                                     
IV     Seller's Invoice Number                                          
MB     Master Bill of Lading                                            
MF     Manufacturers Part Number                                        
NB     Letter of Credit Number                                          
PO     Purchase Order Number                                            
RF     Export Reference Number                                          
SI     Shipper's ID Number                                              
SN     Seal Number                                                      
SO     Shipper's Order Number                                           
UN     United Nations Hazardous Classification Number                   
ZA     Supplier                                                         
ZZ     Mutually Defined                                                 

The data is kept in a TEMPLATE file tied to the AWB number until the Air Waybill is posted to tracking. At that time the data is kept by file number. Once an Air Waybill has been posted to tracking you will not be able to change the file number.

After the Air Waybill is posted to tracking the reference numbers can be displayed or changed from the tracking expand screen or from the AWB expand screen.