Waybill Expansion Inquiry

Entering Notes and Comments

You can record both notes and comments on a shipment. Notes pertaining to one AWB can be entered and viewed from a number of different screens in the AWB system. Press F9 to access the notes for this AWB.

Comments can be viewed on this screen only. To enter or change a comment put the cursor in the COM area and press F4 to expand to a full screen review of the existing comments. The date and initials of the last change on each line of comments are recorded. Enter or edit any comments as desired and press enter to save your changes. You can use F7 (insert) to open a line at the top of the comments (or between existing comments) to control the order in which the comments are displayed. When you have finished your changes press F1 to return to the Waybill Expansion Screen. Your changes will not be shown until the AWB data is redisplayed by scrolling the comments area (F2 or F3).