File numbers are assigned in CBLGED. Numbers can be manually entered or automatically assigned. If automatically assigned: Originally numbers consisted of YYnnnnn. YY was read from system file and nnnnn was next sequential (YY=0 works for file numbers to 99999). For JSC - Add new file - NUMBERS,ABI File is Word (key), Dword (last used number), Word (increment) If file exists it has last used file number and increment (10 for JSC, 1 for anyone else). Key is read from file field. From dmm Fri Dec 27 14:41:48 1996 To: Subject: File Number Assignment Status: RO Claudia - Re: Import File Numbers. The program is set up to be able to select tne next sequential file number from a range of numbers. The way it would work at Expeditors is as follows: To select the next number for Dallas you would type a "1" and press F5 when starting a file. For Houston it would be a "2" and F5. We would define a range of file numbers that would be used for each of these sets. If you have multiple groups (as JS Connor does) you could have as many ranges as you require. (eg typing 3, 4 or 5 and F5 could access a different range of numbers. I think this would accomplish what you need. We can set it up so that Dallas uses the automatic and Houston continues to use the preassigned numbers they are using now if you wish. Let me know what would be best for you. Dennis