Operator Initials


There are three login ids saved. The worksheet creator, the invoice creator and the last invoice editor.

The login id of the person who created the Worksheet is recorded in the ENTRY.DESC file. This is assumed to be the party responsible for the file. This party's initials can be printed with the initials of the Account Manager from the customer file on:

Meat MID Forms

They are used in the Profitability Report, either printed (if by customer) or sorted (if by creator).

The initials can be changed by program CBURIQ. This program is restricted so that the initials cannot be changed arbitrarily.

The invoice creator is determined when a new invoice is created, either using the invoice edit or when an invoice is automatically created (after logging in a file or calcing a worksheet).

The last invoice editor is recorded whenever the invoice is edited. The last editor's initials can be printed on the invoice.