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Overview of ABI transmission

Instructions for viewing data to/from USCS

A shell script displays all files in either the upload or the download directory in date order with the most current at the top. Use the ENTER key to highlight selected files. (You can unselect by pressing enter on a selected line.) After selecting files press q. This will display the data in the selected files. Use F1 to close one file and see the next file. Use q to exit. F10 gives you a menu. Other F keys can be used to scroll. Use / to open a window to enter a search string.

At the end of each day all the files for that day are archived into 1 file with the Date as the file name.

Trouble Shooting Customs Transmissions Problems

Problems with Customs Transmissions:

Look in nohup.out

The Penril modem has not hung up. Have the user unplug and replug the modem power (there is no on/off switch) or use /bms/abi/penril -r "diagport" (look in /bms/abi/ DIAGTTY to find the tty diagport).
Look in the logfile
XID Problem (unlikely) or SNA coprocessor board needs rebooting, or penril modem is hung. At JSC and Wall - (as root) use /etc/init.d/sna start. This takes about a minute. Tail /bms/abi/kick.log to check progress. It is finished when you see "external clock full duplex .....". If you now have 2 dc3770 processes, the SNA board is hung and you need to reboot the entire 88k sytem. :-( You may want to try resetting the penril modem first, since this doesn't risk hanging the SNA board.
ACTPU but no "bind"
signon incorrect (unlikely) or sna spooler hung. At BWI - use /bms/abi/bwi/resetrje
ACTPU and "bind" on signon, but no output
the printers probably need to be drained. Call Help desk or use this rje command:
	cd /bms/abi/bwi
	. /user/sna/bin/utl/commpath
	rje -s -k '$S PR1'
Please do not be a literalist and use the proper directories for the machine you are working on. (Hopefully Stuart will put this in a script)
(/bms/abi/connor on jsc and jscaix are linked)
wallship:/bms/abi/rwall has the up.* file now. If they reboot this file does not go away! It must be removed before you can get a 3770 going.

Other things to check:

  1. - Check if background processing hung on jscaix. If so jsc is waiting for it to finish. Kill background and processing should continue.
  2. - Sleep nn is a clue. Look in /bms/abi/ to see where you are in the script. If sleep 30 it is probably waiting for certain words to appear in logfile before closing down.
  3. - If nohup.out and logfile show normal looking stuff but jobs directory has accumulated a lot of entries the 3770 needs to be restarted. As root on jsc from /bms/abi/connor run resetrje. See NO ACTPU.
  4. - Occasionally (usually in the morning) another process will get the same number as was used as a lock. Check the lock directory and then check what has the locking process number.

Using menus on Penril modems with term.

To reset the Penril modem

To reset the modem, select the RESET option from the first level of menus. Or else, get someone to turn it off and on.

Multiple Brokers on One Machine

To set up a system to handle more than one broker using the same hardware:
Other reguired files are created automatically, including logfiles and output/SEQNO. XMIT.JCL and XMIT.LOG in SPOOL are also created.
The data will be transfered to the save directory. Use BTAR to archive the data from the spool directory and send to the new client.

Resetting Gateway 50

To reset a Gateway 50, use the following steps: (at Connor)

$ telnet (other places try just telnet gw50)

Login: stuart

Password: (in .systems)

JBM Electronics Gateway 50/60/70

> Connection closed