Re:  CR 24.23

This example shows how to prepare 9802 entries.   With these entry types duty is paid
only on the value of the repair or alteration.  MPF does not apply to articles of Chapter 98
except 9802.00.60 and 9802.00.80 and then only on the dutiable portion of the total value
of the item.

Log the file as usual.

Go to the worksheet.  Enter the 9802 classification.

When asked about the secondary HTS number, answer 'N'.  Place the cursor on the 9802
line item, then press F8 to open the Worksheet Line Item Detail screen.   Enter the HTS
number from Chapter 1 - 97

Alternately, you can use the expand HTS worksheet screen to enter both HTS numbers. Use
'S' in the control field to link the numbers.

Press Enter to save your data, then F1 to return to the Worksheet main screen.

Press F7 to calculate the duty.  Go to the 7501 Master Data screen.

No changes should have to be made.  Use Shft F4 to upload to USCS.