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Class bmsi.edx.EDXPrintJob


public class  EDXPrintJob
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 1
     public boolean abortDialog;

          // Constructors 1
     public EDXPrintJob(EDXServletRequest, String, int);

          // Methods 7
     public int getLinesize();
     public synchronized OutputStream getOutputStream() throws IOException;
     public int getPagesize();
     public String getPrinter();
     public String getTitle();
     public void selprtr() throws IOException;
     public void setPrinter(String);

Traditional BMS user interface elements for printing in the EDX environment.

	EDXPrintJob pjob = new EDXPrintJob(req,"Aged Receivables",132);
	PrintWriter wtr = new PrintWriter(pjob.getOutputStream(),true);

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 2000 Business Management Systems, Inc.


· abortDialog

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   public boolean abortDialog


· EDXPrintJob

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   public EDXPrintJob(EDXServletRequest req, 
                      String title, 
                      int linesize) 

Create an EDXPrintjob.

Parameter Description
req The EDXServletRequest associated with this printjob
title The title of the report
linesize The width of the report


· selprtr

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   public void selprtr()  throws IOException

Select the printer for the job using the traditional BMS interface.

· getPagesize

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   public int getPagesize() 

Pagesize of printer.

· getPrinter

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   public String getPrinter() 

EDX Printer name.

· setPrinter

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   public void setPrinter(String name) 

Set the EDX printer to use. If the printer does not exist, then getOutputStream() will go to the screen.

· getTitle

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   public String getTitle() 

Report Title.

· getLinesize

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   public int getLinesize() 

Line size of printer.

· getOutputStream

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   public synchronized OutputStream getOutputStream()  throws IOException

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