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Class bmsi.edx.MenuPath


public class  MenuPath
     extends java.lang.Object
     implements java.util.Enumeration
          // Methods 4
     public static synchronized Enumeration listMenus(int);
     public static void main(String[]);

     public boolean hasMoreElements();
     public Object nextElement();

A class to enumerate the tree of EDX menu options reachable by a user. The enumeration excludes options that are unreachable due to the user privilege mask.


· hasMoreElements

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   public boolean hasMoreElements() 
hasMoreElements in interface Enumeration

· nextElement

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   public Object nextElement() 
nextElement in interface Enumeration

· listMenus

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   public static synchronized Enumeration listMenus(int userid) 

Enumerate the menus reachable from a user id. Each enumeration element is a MenuOption.

See Also: MenuOption

· main

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   public static void main(String[] argv) 

Invoke listMenus from the command line for a set of user ids.

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