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Class bmsi.edx.MenuUser


public class  MenuUser
     extends bmsi.db.Dataset
          // Fields 8
     public IntegerField acct;
     public IntegerField id;
     public StringField init;
     public StringField name;
     public StringField phone;
     public IntegerField priv;
     public StringField prog;
     public StringField vol;

          // Constructors 1
     public MenuUser();


The EDX database mapping user ids to EDX user attributes. Users are authenticated by the #MSLOG program. For EDX emulators based on Unix, the id of the user running the EDL terminal client (edx4978 or edx4974) is used as the EDX user id.


· id

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   public IntegerField id

The user id.

· acct

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   public IntegerField acct

The user acct (group).

· priv

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   public IntegerField priv

The user privilege mask used to enable certain sensitive operations.

· name

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   public StringField name

The users name.

· prog

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   public StringField prog

The users shell program. If the name begins with '%', it is assumed to be a menu name and #BTMENU is used as the shell with the name as an initial menu.

If the shell program is left blank, no shell will be loaded and the terminal will have system ATTNLIST commands enabled. The user must then reload #MSMAIN to logout.

· vol

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   public StringField vol

The volume to load the shell program from. For menus (name begins with '%'), this is the EDX volume to load the $IMAGE menu image from, or the BTAS menu subdirectory to load the #IMAGE menu image from.

· init

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   public StringField init

The users initials - used to tag database changes in some applications.

· phone

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   public StringField phone

The users phone number or other contact information.


· MenuUser

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   public MenuUser() 

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