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Class bmsi.sna.GatewayConfig


public class  GatewayConfig
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Constructors 1
     public GatewayConfig(String) throws IOException;

          // Methods 10
     public static String formatIP(byte[]);
     public static void main(String[]) throws Exception;
     public static byte[] parseIP(String) throws IOException;

     public void dump();
     public byte[] getIP(int);
     public String getLabel() throws IOException;
     public String getPath();
     public String getString(int) throws IOException;
     public String getVersion() throws IOException;
     public void setIP(int, byte[]) throws IOException;

A class to access disk resident configuration downloads for the Gateway 50. The config file is divided into items. Each item has a 1 byte type code, followed by data corresponding to that type. Some types are variable length. The current type decoding is still incomplete, but can parse and rewrite config files currently available for testing. The result is good enough for patching the IP addesses.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 2000 Business Management Systems, Inc.


· GatewayConfig

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   public GatewayConfig(String fn)  throws IOException

Create a reference to a disk resident Gateway application binary.

Parameter Description
fn the filename of the binary


· dump

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   public void dump() 

· getString

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   public String getString(int pos)  throws IOException

· getVersion

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   public String getVersion()  throws IOException

Return the version string for this Gateway Application download.

· getLabel

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   public String getLabel()  throws IOException

· formatIP

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   public static String formatIP(byte[] b) 

· parseIP

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   public static byte[] parseIP(String s)  throws IOException

· getIP

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   public byte[] getIP(int pos) 

· setIP

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   public void setIP(int pos, 
                     byte[] b)  throws IOException

· getPath

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   public String getPath() 

Return the pathname of the application binary.

· main

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   public static void main(String[] argv)  throws Exception

Command line interface.

Usage: java bmsi.sna.GatewayConfig [attrib=value] file1 [file2 ...]
	Reports the Config ver and current IPs for each listed file.
	Available attributes are ip, mask, host, gw.
$ java bmsi.sna.GatewayConfig ip= host= abc.cfg

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