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Class bmsi.sna.JBMStatus


public class  JBMStatus
     extends java.lang.Object
     implements java.lang.Runnable
          // Constructors 1
     public JBMStatus(String, String, String) throws IOException;

          // Methods 18
     public static void main(String[]);
     public static String stateMsg(byte, byte);

     public synchronized void addStateListener(JBMStatus.StateListener);
     public synchronized void close() throws IOException;
     public String dump(int, int) throws IOException;
     public String getAppVersion() throws IOException;
     public int getLUStat(int);
     public int getTotRecv();
     public int getTotSent();
     public int getXID() throws IOException;
     public void poll() throws IOException;
     public int read(int, byte[]) throws IOException;
     public synchronized void removeStateListener(JBMStatus.StateListener);
     public synchronized void reset() throws IOException;
     public void run();
     public synchronized String sendcmd(String) throws IOException;
     public void setPollInterval(long);
     public synchronized void waitSent(int) throws InterruptedException;

          // Inner Classes 1
     public static interface JBMStatus.StateListener

Manage a control connection to a JBM Gateway 50 to monitor status and run commands.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 1999 Business Management Systems, Inc.


· JBMStatus

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   public JBMStatus(String host, 
                    String user, 
                    String pwd)  throws IOException

Create a telnet connection to a Gateway 50.

Parameter Description
host the hostname or IP address of the Gateway
user the telnet user name for the Gateway
pwd the telnet password for the Gateway


· getLUStat

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   public int getLUStat(int lu) 

Return the status an of LU. The state returned is one of:

  0	PU Inactive
  1	PU Active
  3	LU Active
  5	BIND accepted
  7	Session Active

Parameter Description
lu the LU index from 1 to 256

the current state

· getTotSent

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   public int getTotSent() 

Return the total packets sent by the Gateway since reset.

· waitSent

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   public synchronized void waitSent(int start)  throws InterruptedException

Wait until total sent is greater than start and stops changing. This was used by Gateway50 to pace data sent to avoid a buffer control bug in firmare versions prior to 117. However, a better way is to use the REQ_CONFIRMATION bit in JBMLU.

Parameter Description
start starting point for detecting changes in total sent

· getTotRecv

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   public int getTotRecv() 

Return the total packets received by the Gateway since reset.

· addStateListener

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   public synchronized void addStateListener(JBMStatus.StateListener listener) 

· removeStateListener

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   public synchronized void removeStateListener(JBMStatus.StateListener l) 

· stateMsg

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   public static String stateMsg(byte old, 
                                 byte stat) 

Return a message describing a change in LU state. The messages match those used by Apertus SNA 1.0 and the BMS interface to the Black Box AS/4. This lets our existing scripts work without change.

· sendcmd

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   public synchronized String sendcmd(String s)  throws IOException

Issue a Gateway 50 telnet command.

Parameter Description
s the command to send

the output from the command

· getAppVersion

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   public String getAppVersion()  throws IOException

Return the currently loaded firmware version in the Gateway.

· poll

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   public void poll()  throws IOException

Update LU status.

· reset

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   public synchronized void reset()  throws IOException

Reset the Gateway and reconnect.

· close

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   public synchronized void close()  throws IOException

Close this Gateway 50 control connection.

· setPollInterval

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   public void setPollInterval(long v) 

Set the number of milliseconds between polls for status.

Parameter Description
v the number of milliseconds between polls, default is 4000

· run

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   public void run() 

Poll for status every 5 seconds until interrupted.

run in interface Runnable

· dump

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   public String dump(int addr, 
                      int len)  throws IOException

Return a formatted dump of memory on the Gateway unit.

Parameter Description
addr Starting address
len the number of bytes to dump

the formatted dump

· read

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   public int read(int addr, 
                   byte[] buf)  throws IOException

Copy memory from the Gateway unit to a buffer. BUGS: this currently works only for a buffer size of 16 or less.

Parameter Description
addr Starting address
buf The buffer to copy memory to

The actual number of bytes copies.

· getXID

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   public int getXID()  throws IOException

Return the XID currently programmed into this Gateway. FIXME: the memory offset for firmware ver 118 is hardwired. Further research is needed to handle other firmware versions.

the currently programmed XID
Throws: IOException
if the XID is not at the expected offset or the Gateway is not communicating

· main

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   public static void main(String[] argv) 

Display the firmware version and XID for Gateway units listed on the command line. Login and password are specified using FTP syntax as per the Gateway50 constructor.

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