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Class bmsi.sna.SCBInputStream


public class  SCBInputStream
          // Constructors 1
     public SCBInputStream(InputStream);

          // Methods 4
     public void close() throws IOException;
     public int getPrime();
     public int read() throws IOException;
     public void setPrime(int);

Decompress an SCB encoded input stream. SCB stands for String Control Byte, an SNA text compression scheme. In its basic form, it compresses repeated characters. The compaction feature uses a table to assign 4-bit codes for up to 16 frequent bytes. Each unused 4-bit code forms the 4 high bits of 16 8-bit codes.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 1999 Business Management Systems, Inc.


· SCBInputStream

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   public SCBInputStream(InputStream in) 


· getPrime

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   public int getPrime() 

Return the prime character which is most easily compressed. By default this is EBCDIC blank.

· setPrime

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   public void setPrime(int c) 

Set the prime character.

· read

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   public int read()  throws IOException
read in class InputStream

· close

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   public void close()  throws IOException
close in class InputStream

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