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Class bmsi.sna.Spooler


public class  Spooler
     extends java.lang.Object
     implements bmsi.sna.SNADevice, 
          // Constructors 1
     public Spooler(String, SNA3770) throws IOException;

          // Methods 7
     public synchronized boolean cancel(String);
     public void dispose() throws IOException;
     public void finishJob(Writer) throws IOException;
     public int getMedium();
     public void run();
     public Writer startJob(String) throws IOException;
     public void submit(String) throws IOException;

Manage a job queue and output spooling for an SNA protocol converter implementing the SNA3770 interface.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 1999 Business Management Systems, Inc.


· Spooler

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   public Spooler(String dir, 
                  SNA3770 rje)  throws IOException

Create a spooler for an SNA3770.

Parameter Description
dir the directory where output files will be created
rje the SNA3770 object managing the protocol converter


· dispose

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   public void dispose()  throws IOException

· startJob

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   public Writer startJob(String dsn)  throws IOException
startJob in interface SNADevice

· finishJob

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   public void finishJob(Writer wtr)  throws IOException
finishJob in interface SNADevice

· getMedium

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   public int getMedium() 
getMedium in interface SNADevice

· run

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   public void run() 
run in interface Runnable

· submit

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   public void submit(String s)  throws IOException

Execute a command string. The first character is the operation. The remaining characters are data for the command. Operations are

Slogon card
Cconsole command
Fjob filename to submit
Djob filename to delete

Parameter Description
s the command string

· cancel

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   public synchronized boolean cancel(String s) 

Remove a command from the queue.

true if the command was found and removed

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