GnomeSword RPMS

These rpms are provided by Stuart D. Gathman <>, and have been tested on two machines only, running RH7.2, one with the full Helix Gnome upgrade, and another with only new gnome packages required for Gnomesword applied. It is not necessary to remove gnumeric to install Gnomesword when installing the full Ximian Gnome upgrade.

Stuart would also appreciate confirmation of the RPMs running on other machines, and complaints and/or suggestions.

RedHat 7.x

  • Latest The latest gnomesword RPMs for RedHat 7.x can be obtained from the Gnomesword Download Page. You may still want to get the sword package from me, since it splits out the development files.
  • Latest sword-1.5.3-3.i586.rpm Unlike the RPM from or Gnomesword, mine separates out the development files - the bulk of the package - which you don't need to simply run Gnomesword. A simple bible search application called "cheatah".
  • Latest sword-devel-1.5.3-3.i586.rpm The development part. Needed to compile Gnomesword.
  • RedHat 6.x

    These RPMs were compiled by Stuart D. Gathman on RedHat 6.2 with gcc-2.95.2 (a newer compiler than what comes with RH6.2 resulting in the extra libstdc++ dependency).
  • Latest gnomesword-0.5.2c-2.i386.rpm Requires sword-1.5.2, gnome-1.4, crashes when selecting chapter, will work with developers to resolve.
  • gnomesword-0.3.7a-1.i386.rpm Requires sword-1.5.1a, gnome-print and gdk-pixbuf
  • libstdc++-2.10.0-1.i386.rpm You might need this if your distro doesn't have it.
  • Source RPMS

  • gnomesword-0.5.2c-2.src.rpm
  • gnomesword-0.3.7a-1.src.rpm
  • sword-1.5.3-3.src.rpm