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Class bmsi.edx.fs.FSPanel


public class  FSPanel
     extends bmsi.edx.fs.FSComp
     implements bmsi.edx.CCBOwner
          // Fields 1
     public int pfkey;

          // Constructors 2
     public FSPanel();
     public FSPanel(String) throws EDXError;

          // Methods 30
     public static synchronized String centerPad(String, int, char);
     public static void fill(byte[], int, int, byte);

     public void activated(CCB);
     public void addComponent(FSComp);
     public void addField(int, int, int);
     public void centerLine(int, String);
     public char choice(int, String, String);
     public boolean contains(int, int);
     public void deactivated(CCB);
     public void fprocess();
     public void fprocess(boolean);
     public FSComp getComponentAt(int, int);
     public String getField(int);
     public int getFieldAt(int, int);
     public int getFieldCol(int);
     public int getFieldCount();
     public int getFieldLen(int);
     public int getFieldRow(int);
     public int isModified(int);
     public void loadImage(Reader, char) throws IOException;
     public void paint();
     public void paint(EDX4978);
     public void posCursor(int);
     public void posCursor(int, int);
     public void processPfkey(PFKeyEvent);
     public void putField(int, String, boolean);
     public void removeComponent(FSComp);
     public void setFieldRow(int, int);
     public void setFldExit(boolean);
     public void transferFocus();

An EDX application screen. Data input fields can be defined which are referenced by field index. A panel can be initialized from a BTAS file. This roughly corresponds to what the EDX FS library provided. A panel must be painted onto an EDX4978 to be displayed. The panel saves a reference to the EDX4978 when painted and keeps it updated. An application might have several panels, painting them in turn as they become active.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 1999 Business Management Systems, Inc.

See Also: EDX4978


· pfkey

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   public int pfkey


· FSPanel

Summary  |  Top

   public FSPanel() 

Initialize an FSPanel to protected blanks.

· FSPanel

Summary  |  Top
   public FSPanel(String imagefile)  throws EDXError

Initialize an FSPanel from a BTAS file created by edximg or #IMAGE.


· addComponent

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   public void addComponent(FSComp comp) 

· removeComponent

Summary  |  Top
   public void removeComponent(FSComp comp) 

· addField

Summary  |  Top
   public void addField(int row, 
                        int col, 
                        int len) 

Add a new input field.

· posCursor

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   public void posCursor(int fld) 

Position the cursor at the beginning of an input field.

· posCursor

Summary  |  Top
   public void posCursor(int row, 
                         int col) 

Position the cursor at an arbitrary location.

· putField

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   public void putField(int fld, 
                        String s, 
                        boolean prot) 

Display a string in a data field.

Parameter Description
fld The screen field to write to
s The String to write
prot True to protect the field

· isModified

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   public int isModified(int fld) 

Find changes to a field.

Parameter Description
fld the field to scan

the offset of the first change, or -1 if no changes

· getField

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   public String getField(int fld) 

Return screen data for an input field as a String.

· getFieldLen

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   public int getFieldLen(int fld) 

Return the size in chars of an input field.

· getFieldRow

Summary  |  Top
   public int getFieldRow(int fld) 

· setFieldRow

Summary  |  Top
   public void setFieldRow(int fld, 
                           int row) 

· getFieldCol

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   public int getFieldCol(int fld) 

· getFieldCount

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   public int getFieldCount() 

Return the number of data input fields for this panel.

· getFieldAt

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   public int getFieldAt(int row, 
                         int col) 

Locate the field containing a screen position.

the field index, or -1 if none

· getComponentAt

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   public FSComp getComponentAt(int row, 
                                int col) 

· fill

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   public static void fill(byte[] b, 
                           int pos, 
                           int len, 
                           byte val) 

· loadImage

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   public void loadImage(Reader r, 
                         char nulch)  throws IOException

· paint

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   public void paint(EDX4978 sp) 

Display this FSPanel on an EDX4978, and make the EDX4978 the current output device.

Parameter Description
sp The EDX4978 device to display on, or null to stop displaying.

· deactivated

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   public void deactivated(CCB ccb) 
deactivated in interface CCBOwner

· activated

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   public void activated(CCB ccb) 
activated in interface CCBOwner

· paint

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   public void paint() 
paint in class FSComp

· fprocess

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   public void fprocess() 

Process pfkey events for this panel until focus is lost.

See Also: transferFocus

· fprocess

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   public void fprocess(boolean loop) 

Process pfkey events for this panel.

Parameter Description
loop true to loop until focus is lost, otherwise process exactly one pfkey

· setFldExit

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   public void setFldExit(boolean f) 

Set field exit mode. In field exit mode, a pseudo pfkey is generated when the user moves between physical fields.

Parameter Description
f true to generate PFKeyEvent.FIELD_EXIT when leaving a physical field.

· contains

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   public boolean contains(int row, 
                           int col) 

Return true if a row and col is within this component.

contains in class FSComp

· transferFocus

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   public void transferFocus() 

Release control of the focus. Currently, this simply returns from fprocess().

See Also: fprocess

· processPfkey

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   public void processPfkey(PFKeyEvent e) 
processPfkey in class FSComp

· centerLine

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   public void centerLine(int line, 
                          String s) 

Write a String as centered protected text on a line. This could be used as a status or prompt line.

Parameter Description
line The line to overwrite
s The String to display

· choice

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   public char choice(int line, 
                      String msg, 
                      String opts) 

Write a prompt and return a 1 character response. The first response char is used as the default.

Parameter Description
line The line to overwrite
msg The prompt to display
opts A String with valid response chars.

· centerPad

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   public static synchronized String centerPad(String s, 
                                               int len, 
                                               char pad) 

Pad a message to center it.

Parameter Description
s the message to center
len the desired message length
pad the char to use for padding

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