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Class bmsi.edx.fs.FSComp


public abstract class  FSComp
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 1
     protected FSPanel panel;

          // Constructors 1
     protected FSComp(FSPanel);

          // Methods 7
     public synchronized void addPFKeyListener(PFKeyListener);
     public abstract boolean contains(int, int);
     public boolean isValid();
     public abstract void paint();
     public void processPfkey(PFKeyEvent);
     public synchronized void removePFKeyListener(PFKeyListener);
     public void setPFMap(PFMap[]);

Basic capabilities of screen components for the EDX user interface.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 2000 Business Management Systems, Inc.

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Extended By:
DBField, FSClock, FSGrid, FSPanel, FSString

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· panel

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   protected FSPanel panel


· FSComp

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   protected FSComp(FSPanel pan) 


· addPFKeyListener

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   public synchronized void addPFKeyListener(PFKeyListener l) 

· removePFKeyListener

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   public synchronized void removePFKeyListener(PFKeyListener l) 

· isValid

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   public boolean isValid() 

· contains

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   public abstract boolean contains(int row, 
                                    int col) 

· paint

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   public abstract void paint() 

· setPFMap

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   public void setPFMap(PFMap[] pfmap) 

· processPfkey

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   public void processPfkey(PFKeyEvent e) 

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