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Class bmsi.edx.fs.FSGrid


public abstract class  FSGrid
     extends bmsi.edx.fs.FSComp
          // Fields 4
     protected int beg;
     protected int colsel;
     protected int end;
     protected int rowsel;

          // Constructors 1
     public FSGrid(FSPanel, int, int, int);

          // Methods 9
     public boolean contains(int, int);
     public void deleteRows(int, int);
     public int getRows();
     public abstract String getText(int, int);
     public void insertRows(int, int);
     public void paint();
     public void paintRow(int);
     public void setLine(int);
     public void setSelection(int, int);

Groups fields that form a table or grid in an FSPanel.

Stuart D. Gathman Copyright (C) 1999 Business Management Systems, Inc.

  Cross Reference

Extended By:
DBTable, FSTextArea


· beg

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   protected int beg

· end

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   protected int end

· rowsel

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   protected int rowsel

· colsel

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   protected int colsel


· FSGrid

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   public FSGrid(FSPanel pan, 
                 int beg, 
                 int end, 
                 int lines) 


· getRows

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   public int getRows() 

· deleteRows

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   public void deleteRows(int row, 
                          int cnt) 

· insertRows

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   public void insertRows(int row, 
                          int cnt) 

· contains

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   public boolean contains(int row, 
                           int col) 
contains in class FSComp

· setLine

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   public void setLine(int l) 

Select the active line for this grid. The first table line is line 0. Fields that are part of this FSGrid change their row to the active line.

Parameter Description
l The line relative to the start of the table.

· setSelection

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   public void setSelection(int row, 
                            int col) 

Set the active line and column for this grid.

· getText

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   public abstract String getText(int row, 
                                  int col) 

· paintRow

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   public void paintRow(int row) 

· paint

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   public void paint() 
paint in class FSComp

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